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i know i shouldn’t read too much into this, but it’s just too cute not to point out

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"[F]or the first several years the SAT was offered, males scored higher than females on the Math section but females achieved higher scores on the Verbal section. ETS policy-makers determined that the Verbal test needed to be “balanced” more in favor of males, and added questions pertaining to politics, business and sports to the Verbal portion. Since that time, males have outscored females on both the Math and Verbal sections. Dwyer notes that no similar effort has been made to “balance” the Math section, and concludes that, “It could be done, but it has not been, and I believe that probably an unconscious form of sexism underlies this pattern. When females show the superior performance, ‘balancing’ is required; when males show the superior performance, no adjustments are necessary.” "

“Gender Bias in College Admissions Tests”,

And then people urge me everything is fine, of course it is, when you’re ignoring statistics that is.

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Fun fact: SAT tests predict college performance pretty well for men, but they strongly underpredict college performance for women.


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I think I’ve reblogged this before, but that study needs to be shared.

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+ people saying “laverne cox is great because she doesnt get easily offended and maintains composure”

like. Yeah. she is a black trans woman and if she didnt stay calm and composed even when people are making invasive statements about her genitals and saying all kinds of dehumanizing stuff she would face massive fallout and her career + life in general would suffer greatly

Exactly. And then their are those who say that trans individuals should take note and rather than get offended, explain things like her. A person, a marginalized minority should not be expected to maintain a cordial tact when talking about invasive and ignorant questions. A person getting upset does not invalidate them. 

I think Laverne Cox is doing a great job as far as using her celebrity status to bring attention to trans issues however, I loathe when people utilize her as this model of trans respectability which not only dehumanizes trans individuals but Laverne as well.

If someone takes the time to educate you when you screw up, awesome. But you’re not entitled to a “calm” explanation of why what you’ve said or done is oppressive/problematic. Also remember that it’s totally ok to be angry/upset when someone does or says something that dehumanizes you. Too often we police our own emotions because we don’t want to be “the angry minority” but in reality there’s nothing wrong with being angry in the face of oppression. You don’t have to stifle your emotions.

i bought clothes today!!!

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In grid we trust - Barbara Carnevale

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Durarara!! DVD Art Cover




say those three words and i’m yours

we’re drift compatible



Takachiho, Kyushu | Japan 

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Might as well go for a full house. I’ve always wanted to try out this kind of composition. Personally, I call it the ‘mafia lineup group pic’.

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this is truly the most pretentious post on this website, so all you nerds can stop trying because its been done.